The Big Fat Lie Review

Directed by: Darasen Richards

Starring: Blossom Chukwujekwu, Rita Dominic, Tana Adelana, Ushbebe, EniolaBhadmus, Mercy Aigbe, Scarlet Shotade, Joseph Momodu.

The movie tells the story of James, a promising tailor who spends all his life savings on an engagement ring for a girl we later find out isn’t even his girlfriend but just his customer he has feelings for. After that, he is forced to work as a bell boy in a hotel in order to save money and start his fashion business all over again. His cousin Paul and friend Vera are his right-hand companions and all seems to be going well for him. Until he meets his celebrity crush Eni, who just happened to stay in the hotel he works, and he meets her on a day when he is trying on the uniform of a hotel guest, a naval Captain who had just checked out. She mistakes him for a captain and he decides to play along, taking up the captain’s identity. That first lie leads him to bigger lies and he is soon caught up in a web and struggling to keep up with the lies.

So apart from the fact that this movie is the almost exact remake of a Hollywood movie storyline I know and love, this movie should have been a breeze but it really wasn’t. As a comedy with such a direct plot, the movie should have turned out ok, right? Well, it really didn’t because so many things went wrong with it.

The cinematography of this movie should have been good because there were some really commendable shots, but most of those shots were followed closely by shots that had us wondering if it was in the same movie. It was like different cameras were used for a scene and eventually, no color grading or proper editing was done and we were getting to see the raw footage, that’s really how some scenes felt. Don’t even get me started on the transitions.

The sound also had major issues. At the beginning, there was a scene where I couldn’t hear anything in the scene at all, and I kept saying to myself that it was a fault from the cinema and then it happened again and again, and it brought me to the conclusion that the fault was definitely from the movie, how this went unnoticed is totally beyond me.

I actually enjoyed comedic moments in this movie, Blossom carried his role really well. Rita Dominic also gave an amazing performance and I really enjoyed their flow and banter. Tana Adelana was great in her role as Eni as well, but Ushbebe was a bit too much. I felt like they asked him to improvise his lines in order to make it funnier but in the end, it seemed way too much talking for me and ruined the comedy for me many times. There were many scenes where they tried too hard to be funny and ended up losing us.

The movie was okay to a point even though I could see the similarities with the Hollywood movie, so I was patiently waiting to see how they would end the façade. Well, I was utterly disappointed with the conclusion of this movie and I’m almost certain that the makers of this movie were disappointed too.

So, they go to a resort to have fun and the only outdoor shots we see are the prerecorded stills and videos that had absolutely nothing to do with this movie. Then while we can’t bear it anymore, they have a rushed conclusion that had me wondering what exactly they were thinking with such an ending. Captain Eric Daniels just miraculously shows up, why? Eni goes with him, why? Why are they accosted in the lobby and for what?

The movie just weak me sha, it left met utterly annoyed at the end. The movie wasn’t altogether horrible and maybe with a different conclusion, it could have been bearable. But as it is, it was genuinely terrible.

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