Zero Hour: They Lost Me with the Accents

This is a movie set in the northern part of Nigeria that tells the story of a family that runs a business empire and all the politics involved with it. when the rich son of a late business mogul returns from studies abroad to come home and take over his father’s business. He ends up uncovering a conspiracy when the company seems to be surrounded by a number of murder-suicides. He is saddled with the responsibility of uncovering the conspiracy and saving a damsel in distress.

I genuinely had high expectations for the movie, with the stellar cast ensemble and everything, to the very intense trailer, but I must say it was definitely a huge letdown. The movie turned out to be pretty basic and not properly executed as I would have hoped.

The movie was directed by Robert O. Peters and some of the actors in it are, Alex Ekubo, Richard MofeDamijo, Rahama Sadau, Ali Nuhu, EucheriaAnunobi, EneOloja, Ayo Ayoola, amongst others.

First of all, I just want to mention that not all northerners speak English with a Hausa accent, a lot of the educated ones have no accents at all. So, you can imagine my dismay when the lead actors started with a forced accent that they seemed to forget as soon as the conversation got deeper and then at different points through the course of the movie, the picked and dropped the accent at will.

The storyline was also very disconnected and it left me wondering who wrote this and what their plan was for the movie because the plot didn’t seem well thought out. So many things were done just for the sake of doing it and not because it added to the plot. From the very first scene where we see a man being tailed and him apparently hearing footsteps, for something like that to not be acted properly or achieved, it was already a put-off and most times, the first scene goes a long way in determining the quality of the remaining content.

The movie in totality looked like it was hurriedly put together and so there were a lot of loopholes and loose ends. One very glaring one was the car chase that seemed to automatically end, how? We don’t know. All we know is that the movie continued. A lot of other things happened that raised questions we never quite got the answers to. How she managed to outrun a trained assassin in her heels still amazes me, perhaps there is some special talent there.

The picture quality was overall very good even though it couldn’t make up for the acting and story lapses. However, there were some unnecessary camera movements and effects that for me ruined some scenes. The smoke effect to create the foggy feeling was excessive and it had me wondering what the aim was. The sound of this movie also wasn’t great, there were some major lapses there as well.

How this movie ended just goes to show how poorly executed this movie was and how rushed. So the supposed detective, doesn’t have a car and has to wait for Zamani to pick him up, al these stops while someone’s life was in danger? Then instead of doing the police duty, he was there for, he allows Zamani go in to confront his obviously deranged uncle one his own, even after it had been proven that he killed without thinking. Really? How now?

If I begin to mention all the issues this movie had, it would leave me totally annoyed because of how much this movie was hyped. So, I’ll just stop here, the movie was not great at all.


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