Rant: Our Experience with Companies in the Movie Business

I am very angry right now, writing this article is not something I originally planned but I just have to bare my mind. Why is it that getting information from some people and or companies is so difficult, especially information that can be useful to both parties? It can be annoying when you try so much just to get through to them and their response is cold.

So we’ve been trying to get through to a couple of businesses in the entertainment industry (especially the movie industry), checked the website of one of the companies and located the contact page, I saw a few numbers so I proceeded to call. I got the shock of the century, the first number I dialled didn’t connect after 3 trials.

We called the second and the lady at the other end got antsy immediately I asked if she was a representative of the company. She said she’d left the establishment for months and even begged them to take down her number from the website but they didn’t, she has been receiving calls from people who intend doing business with the said company, it’s getting embarrassing for her. She threatened to go there herself to warn them. Now that’s sad, in this day and age I never would’ve thought that updating a website with the right information would be a problem.

Companies in the Movie Business

The third number I dialled kept ringing, I called 3 times and no one answered so I sent a text message stating the reason I was calling and pleaded for them to respond as soon as possible. That was over 3 weeks ago and still no response. This is quite unprofessional, to say the least. It’s clear that these companies lack the basic principle of doing business, you have to be reachable and respond to clients at the time.

Another thing that irks me is the way they toss you here and there when they get wind of the fact that your business with them does not involve monetary incentive at the immediate. It’s pathetic and uncalled for, there are many businesses out there who would love to partner with these so-called big brands but their attitude makes it difficult. Imaging sending out a proposal or just trying to get audience with these guys, you’ll chase them endlessly. It’s very simple, communication in an organization shouldn’t be difficult, if you’re not interested the professional thing to do is say it. Saying “No” can be good sometimes, it saves the other party the stress, time and effort.

we would like to mention names but will not, but know that two of these companies fall under the movie award space. Yes, your guess is probably correct.


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