No Budget:: Was There Truly a Budget for This Movie?

The movie follows the story of a couple intending to get married and all the drama involved in the planning. When the bride happens to be an eccentric, spoiled and overpampered wealthy man’s daughter and the groom just a regular guy trying to make his bride happy. Being the controlling and manipulative bride, she wants the fairytale wedding which her fiance’s money can’t cover and she is convinced her father would cover it. When her father decides not to pitch in, all hell breaks loose.

The movie is directed by Ojie Asuelime Eniola and stars a host of actors like Kehinde Bankole, Bryan Okwara, Ninalowo Bolanle, Ahneeka, Akin Lewis, Ayo Mogaji, Charles Inojie, Teddy A, BamBam, Anto Lecky, among others.

There were so many things wrong with this movie that I honestly don’t know where to start. Fine, I’ll start from the fact that the storyline was pretty basic and not really well thought out, to the acting that really wasn’t great as we had a mixture of people who knew how to act and some who had no idea what they were supposed to be doing.

One thing that made this movie almost annoying was the continuous use of bad grammar that seemed to have gone unnoticed. At some point it had me wondering if they actually acted with scrips or just improvised with no one checking what was said. Then they also had a lot of ADR issues, I really don’t get it, if you intend to do ADR at least be kind enough to sync the lips of the actors with the voice. It is quite an

At a point, I felt like the movie was done strictly to promote the BBA housemates because I really didn’t get the point. The continuous bad acting was very distracting and we just had to endure through most of the scenes. Many of the technical details of the story that would have helped make it more believable were lacking so, there were a number of weak points that kept you wondering why things were that way.

For example, they had a wedding planner, yet Lola had to get her cake and everything herself? So, what was the whole point of hiring a classy and flashy wedding planner if they wanted to show her how to do things herself, it could have played out better. The resolution after the kidnap was also very poorly executed, we got the point but it was barely believable. There was also a scene that was repeated and I was left wondering who to beat, the editor, the cinema manager, or myself.

Apart from the grammar issues, ADR issues, basic storyline and weak acting from many of the actors, the story would have been more exciting to watch but for me, seeing it once was more than enough.


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