By Morris Abdul Newton


Dir: Tope Alake

Starring: Chimezie Imo, Toyin Abraham, Odunlade Adekola, Kelechi Udegbe, Sani Danja, Brodashaggi.

Duration: 115mins


Nimbe’ has similarities with another Nollywood movie; ‘Shelter’ which essentially stars the same lead actor (Chimezie Imo) in a similar role – Battered son (emotionally and physically) saddled with a battered mother (emotionally and physically) and they both have to endure an outrageously abusive father. Then there is that school bully angle too. This feels a bit funny to me as an avid consumer of Nollywood movies. Just seems like the same movie with some story/plot and aesthetic differences. Not much of a problem if all the actors were all different but when they both now parade the same lead actor, it then potentially irks.

Chimezie Imo as the lead character, ‘Nimbe’ wasn’t bad. He exhibited enough to carry his role. Odunlade Adekola has become a sort of stereotyped with his roles over the past two years. His movie personae of the shouting and abusive husband have become an eyesore. He also overacted most times on this one and same can be said of his wife’s (Toyin Aimakhu) accent throughout the movie. Her accent had a life of its own. 

The accent acted all by itself as Toyin struggled to keep it on the leash. Everything sounded like a mixture of the accent of some states in the country thoroughly mixed with that of some Asian country.Kelechi Udegbe as AK (The Local kingpin) and his gang were okay enough while Sani Danja playing Abu (a drug dealer with lots of money and connects) was a character looking like a man suffering from some sort of rare poultry disease called ‘twisted neck.’ His character was sometimes uneasy to watch and definitely delivers bad memories when you remember that his bent to the side head. What was that Mr. Director?

A couple of the fringe characters were bad to watch. You would want to think why some of them are actors in the first place. But then, we have been thinking this with most of our actors for like forever now. This is not normal.

There were points in ‘Nimbe’ where I just squealed as the camera movements were practically killing. At some other points it seemed smooth, so we can safely say it was a mixture of good and bad cinematography. The Editor did a bad job with transition from scene to scene. It was largely just bad and sadly these kinds of issues are the ones that clean pictures can’t solve as the memory of how jarring these technicalities can be is ever there. Nimbe scores a bit lower than average on the technical front.

Overall it wasn’t a terrible movie but there were a lot of unnecessary and sometimes draggy scenes in the movie which didn’t do the length of the movie any favour. Too many detours made it long and unnecessarily winding. This is bad as we sort of knew where the movie was going and would have been happier if we had gotten there as quickly as possible but…

Having mentioned the plague of unnecessary scenes, it’s also safe to mention the largely inconsistent ones as well.  For instance, how Nimbe that hasn’t seen AK proper and hadn’t shown sufficient interest in him just upped and drew him perfectly is a bit off. Also another issue with that is the fact that thye could have harped on his drawings more in the movie before that time. It would have settled more. And yes, he also drew Peju (AK’s sister) too. While this happened, we can’t help but wonder why Ralph (Nimbe’s new found friend that introduced him to the drug life) suddenly became mad at Nimbe. Nimbe didn’t steal his girlfriend or mentor for that matter? Not really strong enough.



What was the reason behind Nimbe leaving school? This too was incredibly weak. The bully was nothing. His angle did nothing to keep him out of school. What was the world out there offering him that was better? Nothing really. Just felt like something that needed to happen to make the story work but it didn’t really make it work for me as I saw it as exploring pain for pain. Take Nimbe’s official meeting with Ralph for instance. How do you just grab a drink of questionable mixture from a person you don’t know, put it to your mouth and drink? It seems far-fetched for anyone that has as much as a brain. It must be said that Nimbe also had a drag in that same scene. Whatever happened to easing the process to progress in? Furthermore, the relationship between Nimbe and Ralph went downhill so suddenly and rapidly that we almost had no idea why.

I liked the fortress location that was employed for the druggies in the movie. It was quite interesting and expansive. The location manager got that one right. Dialogue was not the movie’s strongest point as a lot of it was generic while some sounded like bad actors trying to improvise.

I can’t say the final shots which featured Nimbe shooting the school bully was necessary. It does nothing for me despite the movie trying to make him look all gangster. We already knew he had turned as we had already seen that when he made his first kill, seeing Peju die and slamming wood onto Lemon’s head for causing Peju’s death and of course when he outrightly rejected his parents. We didn’t need him pulling a gun in school and murdering someone again. Just felt like unnecessary overkill.

Anyway, when will Chimezie Imo play something else?


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