By Morris Abdul Newton


Dir: Ifeanyi Ikpoenyi

Starring: Uzor Arukwe, Alex Ekubo, Nancy Isime, Ifu Ennada, Erica Nlewedim, Belinda Effah, Mike Godson, Uche Uwaefuna.


This Writer’s Ink scripted and Chinneylove Eze production sort of serves as a sequel to ‘Hire a Man’. Sort of, I say. Jide (Uzor Arukwe) is a nerdy tech guy about to attend a getaway with his friends of many years and there’s just one problem. No, two. His Ex-girlfriend will be there and then his confidence level is not up to par. His two female friends and colleagues are going to help him and one in particular; Teni (Nancy Isime) is going to be hired as his date for the occasion. Their aim is to show his Ex-girlfriend that he has gotten over her and that he is living his best life. Everything goes belly up as unexpected events take the wheel.


‘Hire a woman’ had a lot of fine women on parade and somewhat hunky guys as well and that was almost about it. I say ‘almost’ because this movie really didn’t have a bad set up, story-wise (at least on paper). Just that a lot of the acting turned up horrendous. Again, Alex Ekubo seems to do well in comedic roles with proper scripting (This one wasn’t properly scripted). It is not yet the strong point of most of our actors to improvise, so we are better off not making them do that. I don’t particularly know if leaving actors to improvise was a particular problem here but it seems so as a lot of scenes were either overdrawn or underdeveloped leaving the actors constrained in some and with too many liberties in some others. Eventually, most of the scenes and the actors ended up not settling in with the audience.

I was sort of impressed with Erica Nlewedim’s portrayal of her character and I think it’s because her carriage depicts that seemingly innocent lover girl look. But I also think she did well enough in her depiction and carriage.

Location… location… location! The vacations pot was sort of bland and the lack of use of vacation tools or facility was evident in the storytelling. Yes, the location chosen as the facility looked boring, but still. So, these guys had a facility to themselves that was never fully utilized. No games of any sort to aid proper conversation like when Jide was with one of the girls (his secret admirer) in one of the living rooms. There was a PlayStation console right there that they could have employed while having their conversation but they didn’t use it at all. Neither was it used a second time when they met up there despite it being part of their conversation at some point. It was just talking and talk and talk… I bet you their conversation would have been more fun with that console in use. Please, don’t let it seem like I tricked you into believing that no game was employed throughout their stay. The most generic of them all was used. Yes, one that is almost as generic as the story itself – ‘Truth or dare’. This seems to be everyone’s getaway game in romantic comedies. It reveals what you don’t want to be revealed, so why not? Lazy!

The cinematography served us well in this movie. At least for larger portions, but Sound production wounded the lot of us in typical Nollywood style.


There were of course certain inconsistencies and continuity issues. Why not? One of them was issued when Ifu Enada’s character complained about her man (Mike Godson) hiding to take alcohol during their vacation. She was mistakenly overlooking the fact that the same man had supposedly taken alcohol on the boat while they were on the way to the Island. We saw him drinking while holding onto her in the boat, so it was sort of wonder to us how that mistake came about. Oh, I get it, it’s because the script said so. Dumb.


The bed scene between Teni and Jide where Jide had to endure her tantrums even while she slept was overdone and overdrawn. It’s one of those scenes in the movie that makes you want to smack your screens.


Finally, the resolution of the movie was utter rubbish bringing us back to that era of Nollywood movies where most of our movie resolutions reeked idiocy. If the movie had ended well, then perhaps I could have still related a mere pass mark to it but it was all just bleh. Nothing more should be hired after now. This movie really could have been more than this… way more.



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