GOT 8 Finale, Fans React

So Game of Thrones is over and this will most likely be the last time I’ll be writing about the series. The epic episode six was the grand finale of this amazing series that held the world spellbound for seven years. The finale broke the world record for being the most watched finale in history, pulling over 19.1 million viewers on HBO’s television network; that’s groundbreaking.
Season 8 was much anticipated because it was seen as the end of a television series era, so a lot of GOT fans were placed on suspense mode for about a year, and from what I gathered, they were not disappointed. The finale which was aired on the 20th of May 2019 seems to have had different effects on fans. While some are of the opinion that it ended on a very good note, giving a thumbs up to the writers, others are actually furious at the story.

game of thrones season 8 finale
Breaking it down, some people are saying that Jon Snow shouldn’t be punished for doing the right thing (which is killing Dany, babe was out of control), in fact, he should be king and not Bran. No one knows the fate of Danny, for all we know Drogon might have taken her to an ancient place to revive her. One fan even argued that Bran is just plain evil as Danny, as the 3 eyed raven he should’ve seen and warned Jon of Dany’s plans but he kept mum, one wonders if he didn’t tell them because he knew how things will turn out all along- him being the king. And what is he looking for Drogon for? The guy is not to be trusted as king.
Another interesting argument is that the finale negates the whole series, what’s the point of having the houses to choose a king when it should’ve just gone to the rightful noble family whom many feels is the Targaryens. It means the whole scheming and fighting from season one till the final season was for nothing. With this new system, they’d still be scheming, plotting and lobbying from the nobles on who to choose as king when Bran dies. The writing was rushed and totally unexpected so other fans agree.

The water bottle was at the back of Samuel Tally’s leg
Despite the backlash from fans on the writers, they all agree that Game of Thrones is undoubtedly one of the best television series ever produced. On another note, there was a blooper in the episode as a plastic water bottle was left on set and mistakenly filmed in a major scene. The water bottle was at the back of Samuel Tally’s leg, the scene where Tyrion was walking to meet a tribunal of the remaining leaders of Westeros. So we should stop berating Nollywood for making blunders on set, Hollywood is not immune. We just have to support our industry and encouraging our writers to come up with great stories like this.
What do you think about GOT’s finale?


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