Being Annabel Cinema Review

Twin sisters separated at childhood, only to meet each other again after so many years in the most unlikely of all circumstances, one of them was committing suicide. Ema and her friend Joro happen to witness the death of her sister Annabel and curiosity drives them to investigate further. They discover that Annabel had the dream life, plenty of money, perfect job, perfect boyfriend, everything… or so it seemed. But what would make someone with such a perfect life commit suicide? That is the question.

The movie is directed by Okey Zubelu Okoh, starring, Oma Nnadi, Alex Ekubo, Desmond Elliot, Ken Erics, Yvonne Jegede, Padita Agu, Chelsea Eze, among others.

I really didn’t have high expectations for this movie, the poster was actually discouraging to look at but curiosity na my paddi, and so I did. The story started out pretty basic, with the extraordinary coincidences that weren’t so horrible, it could happen in real life, right? I’m not sure if anybody that witnesses a person commit suicide would immediately commandeer the personal property and not report it to the authorities or anything, them no fear God?

The movie started, the car broke down close to an emergency response unit and at that exact same point, Annabel comes and jumps into the water and nobody else saw anything? Even as they entered the persons’ car and drove off? Starting on this not I was already discouraged but as the movie progressed, I found myself really enjoying it and these are some reasons why.

The lead actress Oma Nnadi, despite not being so suited to the role, gave a very interesting performance and I fell in love with her mannerisms as the movie went on. Alex Ekubo in his role as Joro was beautiful, his fluidity with pidgin English and the banter and chemistry between Ema and Joro was enjoyable all through, I laughed so hard sometimes I surprised myself.

The setting of this movie is in the typical posh and local area of Lagos and I feel it was managed really well, so much so that the little lapses could be overlooked. There was very little camera gra gra and I was really thankful for that. The sound was good and the picture quality was clean and clear all through.

The story isn’t so exceptional but it was carefully crafted and it came out beautifully. The actors did a lot of work on delivering on their characters and apart from some overdone moments, where Ema was trying to fit into Annabel’s lifestyle, there were so many hilarious moments in the movie that you can’t really help but laugh.

I actually genuinely enjoyed this movie, either because I didn’t have high expectations and they exceeded it by far, or the movie was really good. But I definitely had a nice time at the cinema watching this.



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