By Morris Abdul Newton


Dir: Eneaji Chris Eneng

Starring: Somkele Idhalama, Ejike Asiegbu, Mawuli Gavor, Chigurl, Chiwetalu Agu, Frank Donga, Linda Ejiofor, Desmond Elliot, Bishop Imeh, Omawumi Megbele, Waje Iruobe .

Duration: 96mins


When Waje and Omawumi decided to produce a movie via their Hermanes Media imprint, I sort of liked the idea behind that kind of thinking. All I was waiting for was to see how satisfying the product will be.

Both ladies are powerhouses in the music industry and knowing them and their antecedent, I was not going to tolerate anything but the best from them. One thing I was sure of was that music was going to be good and sure it was. I’ll get back to that later. For now, did they do me well on the film itself?

“She is…” is their offering and the story is that of Frances (Somkele Idhalama), a successful woman who is reaching her 40s and is yet to find love or marriage. Her family and friends seem to be pressuring and worse of, a defect in her biology kicks in with a nasty fibroid that necessitates she bears a child as soon as possible. The clock is running and so is her faith while her hope of finding the one for her dwindles.

While not new with the subject matter, ‘She is…’ manages to handle the weighty matters with some funny. The blend was fair, just as far as the story was told.

The little short burst of scenes at the beginning almost got us off to a confused start but all soon came together when the doctor (Lami Philips) graced our screen to tell Frances what the problem with her was.

One of the issues with this film was with the comedic portions where the actual comedic tendencies were not fully maximized. There was something always off about most of them. The execution wasn’t top notch. For example, see when Frances was daydreaming about the Pastor she was in love with at the beginning. Then see when she was daydreaming about embarrassing the lady her Pastor had picked to marry ahead of her. The comedy in those two daydreaming sequences was weakly done especially with the return to reality transition. Then there was Bishop Imeh’s constant attempt at hilarity which was a tad too much. Comedy it is said should be just right.

That Alibaba cameo at the beginning, I felt, was not enough. Therein was a spice that could have still worked later on with him firmly chasing her along sides the other suitors. His ‘Chief’ character which he seems to always pull off the same way in most movies and skits was actually hilarious but only came through that once. He, Chiwetalu and Frank Donga’s combo would have been a blockbuster comedic buffet especially when they all appear at the same time.

Mawuli Gavor as Roland did well enough for the not-so-great-actor-but-great-shirt-loser that he is. Brings me to where I say cast was for the movie was relatively proper. Ejike Asiegbu as Frances’ rich, ‘jobless’ and annoying dad was good to see with his little, ever silent mistress played by Linda Ejiofor. Then we had the Omawumi and Waje playing friends to Frances and their consistent back and forth. Their exchange through the movie is just how they are in real life. They can’t even lie as one can easily tell the chemistry between the two friends and of course it accentuated the chemistry in the acting. Some of the actors like Chigurl, Frank Donga, Chiwetalu Agu, Bishop Imeh, etc. were just who we have always known them to be… nothing extra.

There were few continuity issues here and there. One noticeable one was with the intercut call sequence between Frances and her father where Linda Ejiofor’s positioning was constantly changing in the shot.

Nevertheless, the Director delivered great pictures for this movie and the sound wasn’t bad. I give much credit to the set-designer for doing a good job in the movie. Only the church for me looked a bit bland.

Yes, the songs accompanying the movie were beautiful with music from the stellar archives of Waje and Omawumi. One thing is music, another is its usage. The usage here was quite good. Another good thing was the actual soundtrack of the movie. Lovely.


‘She is…’ ends in some sort of whimper despite Frances’ forays into the medical world and her faith steering encouraged by her meeting of the constipated looking Doctor Gerald (Desmond Elliot). The proposal came from nowhere and didn’t move the people as expected. It only succeeded in moving most to a place of skepticism. That was a major downside for me. I just don’t understand how that could possibly have happened when there were better things to do. Just when we were rejoicing with some sort of victory, they remind us that we are watching a movie with some unbelievability. Come on!



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