Let Karma movie: What do you call Karma in your language?


The movie is directed by Biodun Stephen and produced by Aisha Mohammed, it also stars Aisha Mohammed, Daniel K. Daniel, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Bisola Ayeola, Keira Heywatch, Wole Ojo.

Sin and repercussion are basically what this movie teaches. The story is about a group of friends, the men seem to be eating their cake and having it, while their wives are oblivious to their ways. We have a seemingly perfect couple who love and understand each other but, on the outside, the man picks up virtually everything in skirts. Then another couple who behave like cat and mouse, constantly on each other’s necks while the man gets regular servicing from a “mechanic”. In the end, we see their wrongdoings catch up with them and they are left in a no-win situation.

I don’t believe this story was well thought out because it seemed way too basic and somewhat predictable having the men play the roles of Casanova’s and making it look so smooth and easy. From the beginning of the movie, I could already see where it was heading.

Also, I want to say that if you can’t act, you can’t act. Some people may think acting is easy but it really isn’t and not everyone can pull it off. That being said, I also want to add that, the fact that you produce a movie doesn’t automatically qualify you for a lead role. My point is, the producer cum writer, Aisha Mohamed, gave one of the worst acting performances I have seen this year, from speech to delivery, it was a painful struggle to watch.

Daniel and Ene are the constantly arguing couple that seems to have all the issues in the world, they are both surrounded by friends who advise and support them in times of needs. Once you go past the acting which was hard to endure sometimes, the story was pretty straightforward.

Tony and Gabi on the other hand, are the perfect couple in every sense but his fidelity. He is a continuous cheat, chasing everything in skirt and this becomes his downfall in the end where he gets with the wrong girl. I enjoyed the scenes with the bad guy, played by ChuksChyke, a bit overdone but interesting to watch all the same.

let karma movie review

How a husband would not know where his wife’s closest friend lives are totally beyond me, it is completely unrealistic and unbelievable. I actually thought after he followed her and discovered where she was going, something else would happen, he could even have gotten an accident whole speeding up to follow her or something, that would have made more sense.

The setting of the movie was relatively simple, limited spaces but well managed. The sound, however, has a number of issues here and there, but it wasn’t anything to ruin the movie as a whole. Overall, the movie wasn’t a great one, but it was ok.


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