I almost gave up on acting because of frustration – Ken Erics

Nollywood Actor and producer, Ken Erics spoke with Tosin Clegg in an interview about his journey, love for music, Nollywood and other projects.

 Ken Erics

Ken Erics is a regular guy

He is your boy next door and he is an actor, a musician. Basically, that’s who I am. Life outside the camera is basic for me and I do nothing serious outside my work. I take enough time to go out, have some rest and relax with family. I sleep as much as I can and, just like everyone else, I live normal.

My journey into Nollywood started in my first year

I had this audition and I went with my classmate from school. Though I wasn’t chosen but I ended up being a part of the production because of an incident. I went there with my guitar because I love music and then a big actor at that time, Pat Attah, saw me when I was leaving with my guitar and asked who owns it and I said I was, not knowing he could play. He played and I sang then he said I was talented and that I should be in the film and he took me back to the producers. I auditioned again and I got a small role, then I moved on. I went back to the university, finished and left for youth service. I got back and started attending auditions again and with time, I got one or two roles and here we are today. It wasn’t easy or rosy but I kept at it and I made it and this is what everybody needs out there. And by God’s grace he blessed my effort and I’m grateful for that.

Challenges I faced were like every other person’s

There are many people who want the same thing as you, and most want to be actors. But I knew it was possible because whoever was determined got it. So, I kept at it as there were times I went hungry. There was this time I stood in a bus from Anambra to Lagos for an audition because I couldn’t afford to pay for a full seat and when I got to Lagos, luckily for me, I got a role in the movie. I have attended auditions in various places across the country as the fire was in me and I kept on burning and wanted to do it. It wasn’t easy and there was this financial constraint, but at the end, it’s worth it and I advised people to make sure they are good at it. I was putting every effort to make sure it paid off and I’m thankful it did.

The Movie, Illiterate was my break out movie

It was shot in 2011 and was released in 2012 and I was almost giving up because the frustration was much. I was actually in Lagos and I didn’t have movie roles to do and I needed to survive and there was this friend of mine who called me and said a couple needed someone to be an MC at their wedding ceremony, which I had never done before. But I was hungry and I knew I could do it if I tried so I had to call another friend of mine who was an MC and told him what it was about; we anchored, got back and split the money. So, immediately we got back from the wedding I got a call about a movie role from someone who had seen something I did in a movie and I have never met this person before and I asked him to send the scripts. It was good but the money they offered was small and I almost turned it down but he advised I do it.

So I went to Enugu from Lagos and asked them to give me some time to peruse the scripts and I did the movie with Tonto Dike, Sylvester Amadu, Yul Edoche and it came out big and people took Sylvester Amadu, Yul Edoche and it came out big and people took notice of me. Producers took notice of me also and by God’s grace I progressed.
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