Perfection they say is an illusion.. but the very nature of Man is such that even though his heart is privy to this fact, there is often so much more to his needs, wants and the yearning of his heart.
Philip and Julia are a couple high up on the ladder of success and living the dream life.. Their marriage seems perfect except for the suppressed fact the couple can’t seem to get to spend time with each other owing to Philips’ frequent trips… And when they finally decide to spend time together and go away for a few days, they head for an exotic hotel on the outskirts of town where they met a mystery stranger Rivera.
What follows is a tale of several twists, turns that spills a can of worms and ultimately pulls each person in the emerging web of deceit…”SIN CITY’

 Adjetey Anang, Gabriel Narh Addo, Kunle Remi, Kweku Elliot, Michelle McKinney Hammond and Oscar Provencal, Regina Van Helvert, Rosaline Meurer, Yvonne Nelson

 Pascal Amanfo

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