POWER OF 1 Can One Loud Voice Make a Difference?

Power of 1 is a movie based on true events that most people have already speculated about so I believe it was done to give clarification and insider information of the happenings surrounding the incident. The protagonist, Justin, known by his stage name “Lejit” is a Nigerian singer that rose to fame and had a huge fan base. He had a seemingly regular celebrity life with a wife and kids but his life and that of those around him get flipped upside down after he reposts a message for a citizen’s protest on his social media, all hell breaks loose.

The movie is directed by Izu Ojukwu and stars Alex Ekubo, Ramsey Nouah, Michelle Dede, Jibola Dabo, Annie Idibia, Bimbo Manuel, Jide Kosoko among others.

The movie takes us through the inner workings of the entertainment industry, especially where it crosses lanes with the political scene and all the drama that goes on behind the scenes. The whole idea of the movie, especially released at a time like this when elections are just around the corner, goes to show people that the power lies with them at the end of the day and that they have the power to make a change if they are not happy about situations.

I like how Alex Ekubo’s character Lejit was made to show some real talent, especially at the freestyle recording session with 2face and Sound Sultan. I really don’t know if all artists have an emergency caucus or crew but it was interesting to see, how everyone rallied from their different areas of specialty to save their artiste from going down.

The assassin that was hired to take care of Justin, also just suddenly disappeared into thin air. We understand that he could not carry out his mission in the end but after taking us to even see parts of his personal life, we should have at least gotten to see how he ends up.

I believe they wasted too much time on scenes that were not central to the plot and quite honestly, we could have done fine without them. The mechanic scene is one example of a scene that could have been achieved without spending so much time on it, but no, we had to delve into the daily life of the mechanics just so it could finally have one relevant moment at the end of the movie that we could still have done without.

I understand the idea of play Annie Idibia as the wife, especially as she was meant to have some first-hand insight of the real experience but I can’t quite say I enjoyed her portrayal of the character, I kept feeling that there was something off at different points.

Power of 1

Also, at the point where Michelle Dede’s character has the series of outbursts in the Commissioner of Police’s office, I surely felt there had to be a reason for that change in countenance but to my surprise, nothing was said about it.

We understand the need to spice up the movie with different little bits that don’t focus on the principal characters but only when these bits probably tie into the main story or can be completely relevant on their own without detracting from the main plat. But we got to see a number of these bits that don’t tie in, in this movie.

The movie was not particularly interesting because it had a lot of dull and boring moments but the message it carried is a message that every Nigerian needs to hear, especially now that elections are around the corner. The clips at the end were beautiful, and emotions were definitely stirred up at the end of the movie.




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