My list of Nollywood Couples Living the Fairytale Life

Hi guys, so Valentine has come and gone and I keep seeing love stories all over the internet, some are pretty cool they’ll make you literally want to fall in love all over again while others are just downright ugly you wonder how people love like that. Well, I spent my valentine at work all day, I only got to really enjoy myself when I got home to the loving and warm embrace of Mrs Ose, I’m not giving any more details, let your minds wander. (Hehehe)

The internet was buzzing with so many love images and videos of people displaying their affection for their one true love, this got me thinking. I know we have a lot of married and yet to be hitched Nollywood celebrities, many of whom openly let us into their love lives; I mean some of them conspicuously shove it on our faces. So my question is, do we have that one couple in Nollywood whose love story is so unique it gets you all teary, and they are still living the enchanted fairytale life of romance and everything nice.

After doing my aproko online, searching for couples that fit the description and match the idea, I finally narrowed it down to these guys:
1. Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva
2. Banky and Adesua Wellington
3. Mathew and Omotola Ekeinde
4. Omoni and Nnamdi Oboli
5. Richard and Jumobi Damijo
6. Idahosa and Stephanie Linus

What do you think guys? These couples make it seem like love is effortless, their unions have probably weathered some storms but they all face it coming out strong. So do you agree with me or you have your own list of Nollywood couples living the fairytale life? I’ll be in the comments with my cola and popcorn.

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