LIONHEART: A Tale of Lions


The movie follows the story of Ada and her family who own the Lionheart transport company. Due to a sudden illness of her father Chief Obiagwu, Ada who has been her father’s right hand assumes she is ready to handle the family business but instead he uncle is brought in to do that. While she is battling with her father’s decision, she is thrown into a financial crisis which she has to team up with her uncle to solve.

This is the first Nollywood movie on Netflix, which is a huge milestone and I must say I was genuinely impressed with this movie directed by Genevieve Nnaji. The movie starred a hot of Nollywood greats and even popular musicians. We have the likes of Chika Okpala, Genevieve Nnaji, Jemima Osunde, Kalu Ikeagwu, Kanayo O Kanayo, Nkem Owoh, Onyeka Onwenu, Pete Edochie, Steve Eboh, Yakubu Mohammed, Sani Muazu, Phyno, Peter Okoye, among others.


First of all, the acting in this movie was remarkable, we have a lot of veteran actors showing us what flawless acting should look like. It was indeed a beautiful thing to watch, so the acting in this movie was certainly something you would remember after the movie is done.

The story line is not something out of the ordinary, it’s a simple everyday story, and you can tell that very detailed research was carried out. The movie intentionally or unintentionally had a color theme as well, blues and green which came out nicely. The subtle humor scattered throughout the movie was also fun to watch. The rustic picture quality was also beautiful, giving off that eastern feel that many people can relate to.

I also want to commend them for the use of the Igbo language, its something we hardly get to see in a lot of cinema movies these days. We get to have the vernacular movies completely detached from the English movies. The was the characters conversed with the language, was refreshing and I’m glad we get to share bits of our culture with the world.

However, a lot of things were amiss with the movie and therefore appeared weak. The presentation at the beginning of the movie was too basic and honestly wasn’t worthy of not but was still commended because the script says so. Also, I wonder how deciding to go beg the banks for an extension on the loan, could have taken her all night to plan. I loved her commitment to her workout, which was consistent throughout the movie with the exception of days she was troubled.

Also, the acting MD, Ada’s uncle decided to pick a desk in the middle of the staff and I thought that was something that would be explored, but even when she sat there to look around, we weren’t shown anything about her observances. She also decides to go to Arinze for money, giving us the impression that she knows him well, and when he offers her the money and gets friendly, she runs off.

I have a feel in that the movie is going to have a sequel, with the sparks, ignited between her and her new business partner and though I’m not against it, I’m not so sure how that is going to pan out. I enjoyed seeing Phyno act and he didn’t do badly if I do say so myself. All things considered, the movie is enjoyable and a good watch.

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