UP NORTH The Best Bauchi State Advert I’ve Seen

The story follows the prodigal son of a wealthy business mogul who seems to have the world at his feet. Bassey doesn’t do anything his father wants him to do, to the disappointment of his father and so he gets sent to serve in the north as a sort of punishment for him repeated bad behavior and disobedience. Until his punishment turns out to be his redemption and he becomes a better man as a result of his experiences.

Up North movie is directed by Tope Oshin and stars a host of Nollywood favorites, Banky Wellington, Ibrahim Suleiman, Rahama Sadau, Adesua Etomi Wellington, Kanayo O Kanayo, Michelle Dede, T-Boss, Funky Mallam, Amal Umar, Lami Phillips.

First of all, I have to say that despite the fact that the movie had a lot of interesting actors and beautiful scenery, the plot was very weak. No real depth was given to the character and we just had to help by assuming stuff as the movie progressed. So much more could have been done.

For a supposed “spoiled rich kid” he didn’t have that many bad characters, he was a very decent, well behaved, one-woman guy. So, I couldn’t really get what bad behavior his father was trying to cast out of him. Also, we had a lot of lovely Nysc camp images but that was not fully explored as well. So many things could have been done to show what type of character Bassey had but no, we see a cool guy who barely got into any trouble of his own accord.

So, he had the girlfriend who started posting the videos he sent to her daily and then all of a sudden, the girlfriend faded into thin air and he started posting the videos himself, we don’t get it. Also, the supposed romance or feelings between Bassey and Maryam could not be felt at all, at a point I was wondering why his sister Idara was telling her to stay away from he brother, just because he bough shoes for her? Na so romance de start?

The scenery was absolutely beautiful, the picture was clear and the movie succeeded in showing the beauty that Bauchi state holds and I loved that aspect. We go the see the festival, the grave side and even parts of the Yankari game reserve and it goes to show that Nigeria is a truly blessed and beautiful country.

Up North movie

The story had way too many gaps, that I know if the had been covered, coupled with the scenery, would have made an awesome movie. It did have a lot of funny moments which we all enjoyed. The shy northern romance between Sadiq and Zainab, I felt was very well portrayed but the Maryam and Bassey love story had way too many gaps.

If a lot of the story was shown and not told (because they definitely didn’t tell all), the story could have been way more believable and relatable.


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