Skinny Girl in Transit Season 5 – Episode 9 – Flat Line

Review: Skinny Girl in Transit Season 5 – Episode 9 – Flat Line

The wedding is getting closer and things seem to be getting tougher by the minute. Mummy Tiwa is at it again, trying to get a photographer that Tiwa certainly doesn’t want, hence another row. Tiwa is battling with her contract for ABC because the clauses seem too restrictive and she can’t really let Mide in on it because of her NDA.

Derin tries to talk down to Tiwa, asking her to let go of her brother but Tiwa is not having it this time and she lets her get a piece of her mind and even trashes Mide about it afterward and in counseling. Mide finally understands and lets Derin know that she has no right and she shouldn’t dare interfere again.

Shalewa is struggling with her breakup with Mohammed so she decides to distract her sell with bridal shower planning with Didi. Its finally time for the pre-wedding photoshoot and everything is going beautifully until Mide gets a call from his mom. I really hope it’s not what I’m thinking that happened because that would be really sad. Watch Full Episode here

What do you think happened?


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