Healthy Rivalry Is Good For Nollywood – Jumoke Odetola Says

Nollywood Actress, Jumoke Odetola has strong believe that healthy rivalry is good in an industry such as Nollywood as it will push practitioners to give their best. She however says negative energy is bad.

She told Sunday Scoop, “Like I said before in an earlier interview, healthy rivalry is good in sports, entertainment, business, and every other thing we do because it could be a great motivational tool towards being better.

However, once it goes negative, that is bad. I don’t know about fake love but I strictly follow the Yoruba philosophy that says ‘eni a fe lamo, ao meni to feni ’ (You only know who you love, not who loves you).”

Opining on what could be the cause of ‘fake love’ in the industry, the multiple AMVCA winner said , “Most attitudes in adults are spillovers from home training, and you may not be able to change that easily. However, a good structure in the industry will curb a lot of misdemeanours.”

Revealing her plans for 2019, Odetola said, “To continue being that family friendly brand that addresses topical issues and the ills in society via the movies I feature in and produce. Also , to take my brand to the next level, so help me God.”

Jumoke also maintained that she believed relationships between two entertainers could work. She said, “I believe that relationships in the entertainment industry can work. Let’s start from the newest, Simi and Dekunle, to the oldest, Joke Silva and Olu Jacobs.”

Contrary to what many would think that the actress favourite part of her body would be her boobs as she is sufficiently endowed , Odetola said the best part of her body is “ my brain .

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