Chief Daddy: A Tragic Comedy of Family Drama

Chief Daddy follows the story of a polygamous family that is brought to face the demise of their benefactor. This brings out the exposition of many family secrets that threaten to tear the family apart. As a family know to have money, everyone is in the struggle to get as much as they can through whatever means possible. The height of it is the competition between the wives and mistresses and the struggle with the children to prove who is more entitled.

chief daddy review

Chief Daddy is directed by Niyi Akinmolayan and stars Funke Akindele, Kate Henshaw, Zainab Balogun, Falz, Mawuli Gavor, Joke Silva, Ini Edo, Richard Mofe-Damijo, Dakore Egbesun Akande, Taiwo Obileye, Rachel Oniga, Patience Ozokwor, Nkem Owoh, Shaffy Bello, Linda Ejiofor, Beverly Naya and a host of other actors.

One of the thrills of this movie is getting to see a good number of your favorite actors in one movie. That factor alone, keeps you glued to the screen guessing how many more surprises are in store. The story is not something new but this particular portrayal was definitely spectacular. At a point though it got a bit too much and even some surprises became unnecessary.

Each character linked to the Beecroft family had their own unique traits, the troublesome calculative sisters, the psychologist, the footballer, the over entitled son, the calabar mistress, the Yoruba mistress, the calm proud wife, etc. each of these characters did their best to bring out the best of their characters but I have to say the most remarkable one was Famzy, played by Falz. The character of Famzy, the struggling, non-talented artiste and spoiled entitled son of the Beecroft family would definitely be imprinted in everyone’s mind, especially his wack “who’s your daddy” song.

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The movie, being a comedy had a lot of funny points that were absolutely lovable but they also had a number of weak points. We got to notice that many points for the sake of creating a humorous scenario, a lot of the actors were over acting, for example Chigurl and Nedu. Especially the whole drama with owing people money at the burial ceremony, it was just too much. I enjoyed Beverly Osu’s portrayal of the clueless girlfriend who happens to be not only Famzy’s number one fan, but his only fan. Her enthusiasm and ginger were just stupid and definitely fun to watch.

The climax of all the drama was at the burial ceremony, (even though it looks like every movie these days have to have some sort of party), the ceremony was very essential to the plot because everyone was assigned a specific task and I was looking forward to seeing how each of these aspects they handled would be seen at the ceremony. I loved the play of colors though for every sect that came forward, for me that was the most eye-catching aspect of the ceremony.

As with every Ebonylife production, picture and sound was great, you could tell that a lot of money went into the making of this movie, and with the host of actors as well, it was wow. But I have to say that I expected a bit more than what I got but thanks to massive publicity, the movie would definitely do awesomely well at the box office.

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