Skinny Girl in Transit Season 5 – Episode 4 Fess Up

Skinny Girl in Transit Season 5 – Episode 4 Fess Up

Tiwa and the girls hit the gym hard to get their wedding and asoebi bodies, while Mide is trying to solve the mystery of the pregnancy and plan for the wedding introduction ceremony at the time.

Derin continues to give Chris hell even though he ignores her and Tiwa goes deeper on the adoption issue by inviting an orphanage rep on her show.

The introduction goes on beautifully even though Mide is still battling his doubts about his paternity of the child. He ends up pouring his frustrations on Tiwa in a negative way. During their counseling session, it is obvious that there is something wrong but Mide is still reluctant to share until he does after the session.


Skinny Girl in Transit Season 5 – Episode 4 Fess Up

Derin goes drinking with her friend and “coincidentally” Chris is out drinking alone in the same lounge. She gets drunk and comes on to him not recognizing him in her drunken state and she starts kissing him.

This scene is very unrealistic, why are they in the same bar and even if they are, there should be a reason why. For someone who is new to town like Chris to be out drinking on his own, common.

For some reason, these episodes seem to be getting longer and longer. The who idea for web series is for them to be short and straight to the point. This episode is 51 minutes, which is almost the length of a full movie. Abeg o, our data is complaining.

On a good note though, there be steady dishing out awesome relationship tips in this season, I’ve definitely learned a lot.

How do you think Tiwa would react to Mide’s news? Do you think she would respond or react? Watch the full episode here


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