My 2018, Nollywood Movies Experience

As the year 2018 gradually draws to a close, a lot of people are most likely going to take stock of what they achieved, what were the highs and lows of the year and how best to improve and become better. Take Nollywood for instance, a lot of movies were released, some were great and others were not so fantastic.

2018 nollywood movies

So I visited the cinemas quite a number of times to see most of the movies, I must confess that our film practitioners are stepping up and raising the bar, but some of them have refused to learn or take a cue from their colleagues, it’s safe to say that not all the movies I saw at the cinemas made me proud, a few were so good I had to give them a standing ovation while many made me cringe. I had to sit back and think again, maybe what Charles Inojie said was true after all, some people might be paying for roles and they can’t act to save their lives. Some don’t even have any business being in the industry, they just want to show off.

I don’t want to bore you with the details now, I’ll be writing on the Good, the Bad and outright No No films of 2018 in a few days. Stay glued to this space. But in the meantime, why don’t you share your 2018 Nollywood movies experience, I’ll be in the comment section.


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