Review: Skinny Girl in Transit Season 5 – Episode 2 – Anointing Oil

Skinny Girl in Transit Season 5 – Episode 2 – Anointing Oil

This episode starts on a very hot note with a raunchy make-out scene which turns out to be Tiwa’s wet dream, which is as a result of their pact of celibacy before the wedding. She wakes up feeling all weird about it and Mama Tiwa is all about anointing her with Woli’s anointing oil.

Derin and the New guy, Nick Mutuma, seem to be sending sparks flying after the first encounter at the staircase where she was blatantly rude to him and she wants him to leave but Mide is not understanding.

skinny girl in transit season 5 episode 2

Aunty Dupe is upset that her adoption can’t go through and Mama Tiwa sees that as an opportunity to harass Shalewa into strengthening her struggle to get a husband so she doesn’t end up like “some people”.

The most interesting and educative scene in this episode is the Counselling session with Pastor Deyemi. Lol. They touched a lot of interesting points and dished out some awesome advice that I’m sure everyone can learn from.

This episode was more compact, the scenes weren’t stretched out unnecessarily and every episode went straight to the point with the SGIT flavor we’ve grown to love. I just hope the story doesn’t get unnecessarily prolonged just so well keep watching.

What do you think about the emotions flying between Nick Mutuma and Derin? Do you think at this rate that Tiwa and Mide can stick to their celibacy pact? Watch Full Episode Here


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