Review: Skinny Girl in Transit Season 5 – Episode 1 – The Ring

So, leaving us in the euphoria of the engagement in season 4, we see Tiwa suffering from the marriage pressure from her mum and slay queen sister Shalewa. In the midst of it all, Woli comes to the house on mama’s request to bless the ring and Tiwa discovers she can’t find her ring.

Derin is her usual sassy self and she quizzes Mide about if Tiwa being pregnant is the reason for the rushed engagement. Didi while assisting Tiwa with her search for the ring, informs her of her break up with Obi, and she seems excited about her new single status.

Skinny Girl in Transit Season 5 – Episode 1

It turns out Mide with the help of Shalewa, took the ring, in order to do a more romantic and proper proposal and all is well. Mide also tells Tiwa’s dad about his intentions. I’m still not comfortable with Nobert Young playing the role of Tiwa’s father, even if the original actor had to be replaced, it should have been with someone similar, I just don’t feel that character didn’t really sit well him.

The episode ends with Tiwa and Mide agreeing to abstain from sex till the wedding. Can they really keep to that? Who do you thing will break first?

There were some scenes that were unnecessarily prolonged for comedic effect and it got a bit too much, but I’m excited to continue following the SGIT journey. Let’s see what happens next. Watch the full Episode Here

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