The Merry Men: A Perfect Blend of Comedy, Intrigue and Action


The movie follows the story of four guys, Remi Martins (Falz), Amaju Abioritsegbemi (AY the comedian), Naz Okigbo (Jim Iyke) and Ayo Alesinloye (Ramsey Nouah) who is the leader of the Merry men crew, AKA The real Yoruba demons. They are known for their proficiency in different aspects of life, they are go-getters, smart business men and also great with the ladies too. Thiey have connections in all the right places and know how to pull the strings they want pulled. We see them focus their attention on getting rid of a chief, a political godfather, who happens to have set his sights on something precious to them. So, we see them do all they can to stop him with all the drama that ensues in their personal lives as well.


The movie is directed by Toka McGrabor and stars Ramsey Nouah, Ay Makun, Jim Iyke, Falz, Ireti Doyle, Jide Kosoko, Rosy Meuer, Damilola Adegbite, Nancy Isime, Richard Mofe-Damijo, Osas Ajibade, Lillian Esoro, Ali Nuhu, among others.

The acting in this movie was not exceptional because most of the actors played to their already existing strengths, so Falz was the funny speaking guy we know, Ramsey the calm calculated lover boy, Ay the area boy with plenty gra gra, and Jim Iyke the ladies man. So even though the movie was interesting to watch, I felt they all just “played themselves” in a way.

Some of the stories were not proper explored, the Story of Dara and Ayo was a bit off. If they were just meeting each other at the party, then how come they were all cozy and homey discussing the details of the operation. If it was the other way around and we are to assume they have been working together for a while and only putting up a front at the party, why have the introductory conversations when they were the only two there, for whose benefit? So that part left me confused.

The operations were interesting to watch, their carefully planned movements was intriguing and funny. I particularly enjoyed their visit to the bank. The fact that they explored how one can cause serious traffic was interesting. I also definitely enjoyed Lillian Esoro’s character with the interesting.

The picture quality of the movie was pretty good, lots of beautiful scenes and sets. The costumes were also remarkable, the who Agbada thing was really cool and interesting to see. The sound however, kept fluctuating and sometimes it wasn’t so great.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, I laughed when the scenes were funny and paid attention when it was serious. I am also patiently waiting for “The Merry Men Return” as advertised at the end of the movie, just can’t wait.


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