The Movie SYLVIA is By Far the best Movie I’ve Seen in a Loooog While

Sylvia tells the story of a young man, Richard who wakes up in a different world every night when he goes to sleep. In this seemingly perfect world, he has a friend named Sylvia, who is there for him through everything. She also helps him out with things in the real world and they grow up together and become more than just friends. After a while, however, Richard met a woman in and fell in love with her and decided it was time to end things with Sylvia and he did but Sylvia just wouldn’t have it.

The movie was directed by Daniel Oriahi and it starred Chris Attoh, Zainab Balogun, Ini Dima-Okojie and Udoka Onyeka. Everyone gave remarkable performances and every character was believable in their roles which was just amazing.

The movie is a breath of fresh air, everything flowed beautifully, from the costumes to the make-up, the set and the dialogue. The choice of actors was great, I believe everyone fit into their roles so well that it was just a joy to watch.

Sylvia played by Zainab Balogun was simply extraordinary, she started off as the simple, beautiful, caring, homely girl and the switch to the bad girl was wow! Her intensity in her scenes make you feel every emotion with her and then hate her sometimes, which was just awesome.

Ini-Dima Okojie was so beautiful in this movie, I just can’t explain it. the make-up she wore suited every scene and she played her character perfectly. The chemistry between her and Chris Attoh was so believable, making us want to love the type of love they were loving. Lol.

The dialogue was simply interesting, detailed and somewhat poetic. My favorite line is, “Revenge is an art form, you are my canvas and I’m Picasso on steroids”. Memorable and interesting dialogue that was still natural and playful where it needed to be.

sylvia nigerian movie

The natural flow of banter between Chris and Obaro was just fun to watch, you could almost forget that you were watching a movie when they started to tease and play with each other.

The picture was beautiful and we were dazed with so many simple yet beautiful sceneries, it felt relaxing. The music by Michael Truth Ogunlade was so good, each one composed for a specific purpose. It helped convey the mood of every scene and it was sweet melody to our ears.

When a movie is good, it is good. This movie is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while. I personally enjoyed the time lapses, who said we have to be with them every day of their lives to get the story. Time passed beautifully but we didn’t miss out of any info, less is more right? Sure, we know that there were a few things that could be done to make the movie a little more African but it still turned out great.

This is one movie I wouldn’t mind watching over and over.


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