Movie Review: That Which Binds Us’ is utterly useless

That Which Binds Us‘ is utterly useless – Bad in every way bad can be. Paying to see it is tantamount to buying frustration. Such an affront, this movie is sweltering pain. By all means, avoid it. Lest it drives you mad with its assemblage of abhorrently forceful acting performances, amateurish story-telling and subpar production.

Whilst seeing this, we felt as though imprisoned in a torture chamber. So much so, we feel; Terrible! Terrible that we didn’t see this on Friday. We let down our readers who may have gone through the degradation of sitting through this smoldering pile of rubbish. For this delay, we apologize profusely.

that which bind us

There’s nothing good about ‘That Which Binds Us‘. Absolutely nothing. Supremely worthless, this movie shouldn’t have been made. When it ended, everybody was angry, even non-paying cinema staff. The entire audience literally hissed itself out of the hall.


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