‘Bridal Shower’ is in actual fact not a Horror-movie

Though falsely classified as “Horror”, ‘Bridal Shower’ is in actual fact not a Horror-movie. It is a Stupid-movie. Completely and utterly stupid! Offering absolutely no cinematic scares, it will instead horrify you to the marrow with its avalanche of horrific acting performances which are some of the worst we’ve ever seen, even in Nollywood.

‘Bridal Shower’ has the singular honour of corralling the worst actresses in contemporary Nollywood in one movie. So much so, we are left to conclude that: having failed to find recognition from their peers and seniors, this league of extraordinarily bad actresses, came together in the spirit of; “If they won’t let us act, we will let ourselves”. For their courage, we congratulate them immensely.

Pulling their resources and bytes of creativity together, they braved the odds to make their very own movie. For name recognition; they called in favors to secure appearances-by-way-of-charity from Big-hearted Toyin Aimakhu Abraham (whose antics were the only thing that got any visible positive reactions from the crowd) and an obviously irritated Helen Paul, who judging by her demeanor, we suspect was either blackmailed into appearing or was acting on forlorn credit. For chiseled muscles and sturdy abs, they turned to a beleaguered Melvin Oduah.

The result of their courageous shenanigans is this shower of hopelessness, appropriately packaged as- ‘Bridal Shower’. Unfortunately, the story like the acting is just as terrible. Like a mishmash of nightmares, ‘Bridal Shower’ tells a story so distinguished in its stupidity, it will drive you to the edge of madness and leave you there stranded for the duration. Please, avoid it forever.


Source: TNS

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