AY’s movie (Merry Men) attempted to immitate Hollywood’s Mission Impossible

Recommended strictly for people who find value in street-level rough and tumble Nollywood movies. Merry Men‘ is a totally ridiculous movie. And a complete sham! Did people enjoy it? Yes, they did. Did people laugh? Yes, loudly and severally. Regardless, we hated ‘Merry Men’. Every minute of it. For its lacklusterly humdrum acting. Its monotonousness borne out of dire laziness. Its unoriginal dialogue. Its terribly jumbled, amateurish story-telling. We could go on and on, but worst of all- ‘Merry Men’ is nauseatingly shallow.

The hall was near full. And reminiscent of ‘A Tale of Two Cities’, throughout the screening, two types of viewers stood out. There were the loud, who seemed in the majority. They laughed hard. They laughed long. They screamed emphatically, giving gravitas to shockingly predictable scenarios we saw coming miles away. A couple we spoke to said they enjoyed it greatly- Specifically using the term “Fantastic!” in describing how much they did. And, judging from the thundering laughter that often broke through the hall, we must admit this couple’s view echoed that of majority in the audience.

Nevertheless, there sat a minority, silent and lost. Like us, many wore long faces looking bored and mortified; soliloquizing in whispers- “What rubbish?” Looking around wondering what the fuss was about, our faces often met with many of theirs as we seemed more and more to share a kind of telepathic camaraderie that lasted the duration. Even though we sat many seats and bodies apart, we seemed to share the same grisly irritation, because:

Essentially, ‘Merry Men’ is a disgraceful attempt at knocking off 2010’s ‘Takers’, a Made-in-Hollywood movie. As well as several bits and pieces of the ‘Mission Impossible’ franchise, using obviously cheap, very ugly and deplorably shoddy computer generated graphics that respectable, enlightened, contemporary Nigerians everywhere ought to be ashamed of in 2018. An embarrassment to Nollywood, ‘Merry Men’ is the ultimate crap shoot! It just so happens a lot of its crap sticks.

But if you know crap doesn’t stick on you; we suggest you walk away. Leave the Demons to the mob.

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