What’s with Lagosians and Aso Ebi?

I recently attended a wedding of a dear friend, despite the fact that we grew up together and did a lot of mischiefs back in the day, I didn’t attend the joining. Yes, I didn’t go for the church ceremony. I figured it’ll be boring; the real deal is at the reception venue, you guys know na. So I drove to the venue, thinking I’d be the first to get there- boy was I wrong. The hall was packed filled with people in their aso ebis, waiting for the couple to come so the event can kick off and food served.

My eyes saw things, Aso ebis of different designs, colours and texture- boy the yorubas sure do know how to party. Looking at the pool of people in their different ankaras and lace fabrics, my mind went back to the time I saw the movie- Dance to my Beat. Dance to my beat is a cool movie (I guess), the story describes the troubles couples go through in a typical Lagos wedding and the many intricacies of the aso ebi business. Now I know you guys might think or even conclude that I’m lying- but I never knew that aso ebi could be sold for as high as 100K. Mehn I need to start throwing parties every day for no reason, just so I can have an excuse to sell aso ebi. That’s some serious enterprise.

The movie got me thinking like what! That Joseph Benjamin character did not do it for me at all, how can an Igbo man be that gullible? A friend of mine said love can make one do stupid things but in Naija, no Igbo man can be that naïve as to make so much money from aso ebi and then allow his wife to manipulate him into buying a car he couldn’t maintain and renting a duplex in lekki that he might find hard to pay for later. A typical “Emeka” will rent a 3 bedroom in Ogba, get a Toyota Camry (that’s if he doesn’t get a Golf) and then invest the rest of the cash in a lucrative business. In fact, no pure Igbo wife will allow her husband to do that (I think).

Abeg, you guys should share your Lagos aso ebi experience, don’t hold


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