What Just Happened: This movie is a colossal waste of money!

A thoroughly dreadful offering that will leave you feeling full of regret, actually asking yourself- “What just happened?” Utter crap! This shabby comedy is hundred percent irritatingly-stupid and barely funny.

Asides from us, there were only three other people in the audience, yet the hissing and the scorn was literally deafening. Obviously unplanned, terribly rushed and completely senseless, whilst seeing ‘What Just Happened’, one can’t help but get the feeling that it is ultimately a product of “forced” after-thought.

Kind of like: When on vacation in the United States, the producer of ‘What Just Happened’ was cornered by friends or family, and chokingly pressured into making a movie starring all of them. And upon returning to Nigeria, slapped on a barrage of lackluster performances by what are evidently uninterested Nigerian actors, called it a feature film and then shamelessly brought it to cinema.

The resulting deformity of the conspiracy described above is what you will be paying for if you choose to see ‘What Just Happened’ in cinema. We strongly suggest you save yourself the pain. You will live longer.




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