Completely unpredictable, you won’t see ‘Moms at War’ coming.

Nollywood wins with this one- ‘Moms at War’ is a real laugh fest, boasting pounds of freshness and thoughtfulness that will send you jacking back into your seat, laughing hard. Fantastic! (Watch the trailer for the movie here)

Completely unpredictable, you won’t see ‘Moms at War’ coming. Forget the suggestive trailers that made you feel you’ve seen it all before- In what is an applaudable deviation from Nollywood norms, the trailers don’t tell the story. Not even half of it. Surprises await you here.

‘Moms at War’ is perhaps the best comedy Nollywood has given us in what seems like forever. Genuinely funny, it is packed with easy-to-connect-with scenarios that are funny all by themselves. But just to push them over the top, is an extravaganza of great acting performances that are some of the most “unfeigned” we’ve ever seen in any Nollywood comedy.

Funke Akindele is easily the elephant in the room. But here, she is no “Jennifa”. She’s just so real and absolutely magnificent. Yet beyond her eminence is a retinue of other great actors that bring their A-Game(s) to bear, making ‘Moms at War’ all round fantastic and lovable. And like we keep saying here at CinemaPointer; what makes it so good, is that it doesn’t try too hard.

This is exactly how comedies ought to be made. Go for it!


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