Nollywood’s defeat is in two folds


Nollywood’s defeat is in two folds:



It makes no sense for a character to be distraught and Falz’s ‘This is Nigeria, for instance, is playing as the score.

How does a song like that spur any empathy?

How hard can it be to just play a damn sad song when someone is gloomy?

Nollywood books - This is Nigeria.
Then Dialogue


Where do I start with that one?

You know what is wrong with Nollywood and Dialogue?


I know. I know. I’m yapping about books again, abi?

Wait! Don’t roll your eyes just yet.

The best way to learn how to build conversation is not by watching Netflix, reality shows or Hollywood movies…

The best way to create good exchange is to READ books.

If you don’t read as a scriptwriter, you can’t make good dialogue for a movie of 150 pages. You’ll get stuck halfway and be left clueless all the way through to the end… you’ll create a bad patchwork.

Writers and directors must be readers to do anything about Nollywood.

‘Before Sunrise’, the 1995 romantic drama is all about dialogue. Two people walking and talking and then eventually f**king.

That’s all.

But I watched that movie so many times that year, nothing else was important to me.

Just two people and 95 minutes, and a beautiful movie was made.
I don’t think I am in the position to critique Nollywood any longer as I have become a part of it.

But the idea is to keep getting better. After writing one movie, I will read a hundred books unconnected to movies… because art is a cycle, everything comes together eventually.


Source: Joy Isi Bewaji


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