Bolanle Ninalowo talks about how he wants to be a long time Bachelor

Muscular Actor, Bolanle Ninalowo is one actor who is known for playing the role of ”area boy” and also  romantic roles talks About Lessons He Learnt From His Crashed Marriage

The actor confessed that he had been turned on on set.

He said, “Believe it or not, it probably happened to me once or twice within my entire career. However, my eyes and mind are always on the prize.”

He doesn’t have a favourite among all the actresses he has acted with

Ninalowo said, “I enjoy working with many of them. I have never really seen anyone as special because we simply go and get the job done. I do not have a favourite.”

On marriage

 “I am single but please do not expect any wedding soon. However, only God is king; so, we can never say never. When the time is right, I would like to walk a beautiful and God-fearing woman down the aisle.”

Highlighting the lessons he learnt from his previous marital experience

“I learnt to be patient, know and understand the person well and not fall by empathy or sympathy to anyone. I learnt not to judge anyone by their words but their actions and also to keep letting God’s will reign in all. The most crucial thing is to have the ultimate fear of God. That’s the most important quality to secure in any significant other. No one is perfect but you can easily identify a God-fearing person by their daily actions studied over a period. However, this is not to make excuses for individual character, habits and behaviour. We are all adults; we know our wrongs and right, so, everyone should be responsible for their own actions. We are not victims of our circumstances but our decisions.”

On if he can get married to someone in the entertainment industry

he said, “No, I doubt that. I don’t think I want the attention and drama. I would rather date someone low-key but I am not saying it cannot happen either.”

Responding to the comments that trailed a recent picture in which some people said the outfit he wore was too tight and that he looked gay

Ninalowo said, “I felt nothing about those comments. I give my time and attention to positive vibes only so I honestly didn’t even acknowledge the negative talks.”

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