Fight scene not properly choreographed in Rumour Has It Season 2 – Episode 9

Review: Rumour Has It Season 2 – Episode 9 – Damaged Goods


Ok, so we were all a bit excited about Franklyn coming back to Dolapo. That was a really big step after all that had happened.

This episode starts with Ranti, ranting as usual about someone, a friend of hers this time, who in my opinion might have as well not been in this scene because I don’t know it was her acting or what she was asked to do but her presence there was almost irrelevant. Even the point where she asked Ranti to consider prayers should have been funny but those lines were really not properly delivered. Anyway, in Ranti’s “monologue” she decided to reach out to Charles to help her get her site back.

Rumour Has It Season 2 – Episode 9

Mr. Overly Psycho Femi, decides to pay Franklyn a visit in his office, the nerve on that guy. He clearly states that he should leave his wife for him because after all, she is “damaged goods”. Of course, a fight broke out, which I don’t feel was properly choreographed though, also, with the amount of “fake” punches thrown, Femi should have had some serious bumps and bruises but we didn’t see any.

Dolapo and Franklyn go for the DNA test, despite all her fears. Frankly tells her not to worry that he will be with her through it all, no matter what the results say. The lines here were deep and emotional but the acting, on the other hand, didn’t quite do it justice, I heard the words but I really couldn’t feel the chemistry. (Watch the full episode here)

Well, I’m dying with anticipation as to what the results of the test would say. Who do you think is the father of the child, Femi or Franklyn?

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