Read Review Rumour Has It Season 2 – Episode 4 “JANUS”

Where are the Sparks from Rumour Has it Season 1??

I just don’t get what is happening with this season two, it’s like they are completely detached from the first season or something. Where are the sparks? The suspense? The intrigue? Nawa o. I think this season is slow, lacks the excitement the first season had and is a bit boring. That aside, let us see what this episode holds.

Ranti’s finally perfect man turns out to not be so perfect after all, because he was sent to get close and get the website back from her by Arinze. Unluckily for him, he gets caught and she sends him out. Well, it seems the lover boy part of him took over because he tells Arinze to stay away from Ranti and he would refund his money.


Rumour Has It Season 2 – Episode 4

Dolapo, on the other hand, finds out she is pregnant after another rough encounter with Femi the stalker. Well, she excitedly goes home to tell hubby but meets him watching the video of her and Femi making love, which had miraculously been leaked to Rumor has it, no surprise there.

What do you think would happen with Dolapo? Would Franklin leave her? Or would they work it out?

Let us see.   (Watch Full Episode here)

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