Review: Rumor Has It Season 2 – Episode 2

Rumor Has It Season 2 – Episode 2 (Inside)

Wow. I don’t know what is going on here but I’m getting bored, common, when are the rumors going to start flying out because that is what we want to see not this interesting yet frustrating love triangle. (Watch Trailer)

Anyway, this episode begins with Dolapo getting into her house after her tryst with Femi, to meet rose petals all over the floor and her husband being all romantic. Apparently, he claimed he had just gotten back from the US and wanted to make it up to her for being away all the time and not giving her enough attention. FYI she had spotted him with a babe earlier while she was at the restaurant with Femi, but she doesn’t mention it.

Rumor Has It  Season 2 – Episode 2

Well, he goes on and on about his achievements without even taking into account what has been happening with his wife, selfish much? Well, after the romantic night she tells her girls about it and as usual there is the good one and the bad one, but who will she listen to? She goes to meet Femi again and after another romantic event, he gives her surprise tickets to Dubai which she rejects.

Ranti, on the other hand, goes on a series of failed horrible dates and decides to write about it, but just as she is about to give up on men, she goes on a splendid date and it pleasantly amazed. She also meets with her lawyer because she is really getting scared of what Obi will do to her and she wants to make sure that she is covered in case of anything.

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Dolapo’s husband makes dinner and is set on pampering her and she keeps rejecting Femi’s calls which I think is completely obvious but he husband says nothing. Just when we think he is about to question the ignored calls, he goes off to bring dessert and makes a mysterious call of his own to a woman asking him if he has told her yet. It is at this point that we see he is softening her up for something, but what is it? Guess we’ll find out next time. (Watch video of Episode 2 here


What do you think is going to be the big rumor in this season and what do you think Dolapo’s husband is trying to tell her??

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