Read Review of Mtv Shuga Season 6 – Episode 7

Mtv Shuga Season 6 – Episode 7

Frances comes back to school and rumors about her are flying about. Diana, on the other hand, is being shunned by them and she comes with envelopes to give them their money from the party, alluding that it was the money they went for, but they storm off and leave her looking like a fool.

Hadiza and the team make it to the finals and Mrs. Olotu is all over herself with excitement. Hadiza’s mum arrives at the venue with some surprise guests and throws Hadiza into a panic. They win the debate but Hadiza is nowhere to be found, looks like she kept her promise about disappearing if her father ever shows up to get her. Confusion is in the air.

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Leila goes to see Tobi after being grounded for so long after he had blown her off over the phone. She does her usual trick of making him jealous and it works and they head to the bathroom where she finally gives in to doing it without a condom.


Faa’s big show with Akins is here and she gives to tickets to Ebisinde to come support her. Ebisinde gives the tickets to Cynthia and Simi instead and not to Diana as everyone thought. He is making plans to start stealing cars.

Mtv Shuga Season 6 – Episode 7

Faa’s show is amazing, though again with the lip singing, we can tell that she isn’t really singing which is a bit off-putting I must say. After the show, Bada follows her into the performers’ lounge and she is so excited about her shoe that she doesn’t notice something is amiss. He wants another sexual favor and she turns him down, but he rough handles her, hits her and has his way with her. Nawa o, is it by force again? (Watch Full Episode here)

I know Faa is smart, how do you think she will handle him going forward? What do you think of Leila’s decision to give in to Tobi? Do you think Frances and Cynthia should have taken the money since the deed had already been done?


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