Reviews of Royal Hibiscus Hotel movie

Reviews on royal hibiscus hotel

1. Pulse 

The Reviewer noticed Jide Kosoko’s popular funny facial expressions and gimmicks in the movie, Also not forgetting Rachael Oniga’s character that also brought humor to the movie, people might also see the similarities with the character she played in Royal Hibiscus to that of Sola Sobowales’s in The wedding party. Zainab Balogun was a perfect choice to play the character of Ope. Royal Hibiscus Hotel did so well in exploring the institution of marriage with humor and reality. There were unnecessary characters in the movie. Good production design

2. Aigbokhaevbolo Oris  
The storyline wasn’t matured enough for Adults; the storyline can be matched with that of Teenage Fantasies. The History of Chief Adeniyi (Jide Kosoko’s) family was neglected and some of the cute aspects of the movie got its storyline and name from other romantic Hollywood movies. The movie had a Good production design.

3. Ynaija
The Romantic comedy movie lacked real-life situations that people can relate to in Nigeria, the movie has a good production design. Also, because the storyline of love and marriage were successful in other previous movies like Wedding Party and Isoken shouldn’t mean it would make new and upcoming movie successful, movie producers should take note.

4. Adenike Adebayo
Zainab Balogun played the character of Opeyemi perfectly, the location and set design of the Royal Hibiscus hotel was beautiful and the audio and music for the movie was good. The storyline was rushed at the beginning of the movie when Zainab (Ope) was in London but when Ope got back to Nigeria the storyline was dragged and unnecessary. There were characters in the movie that their roles didn’t weren’t needed. The characters of Olu Jacobs and Ajoke Silva weren’t needed in this movie.

5. Mamazeus
The storyline was a good fantasy which every Nigerian girl would love to experience In real life. A particular scene of Zainab Balogun (Ope) in Lagos wasn’t practically explained appropriately, it wasn’t too sure if the hotel is in Lagos as we were made to believe in the movie.

6. Afrireviews
Zainab Balogun was perfect in playing the character of Ope but it was noticed that some of the romantic scenes were culled from Hollywood movie. Nollywood Sweethearts Olu Jacobs and Ajoke Silva should have been seen more in the movie compared to the short time they were seen in the movie

The pace of the movie started fast when Zainab was in London and began to drag when she got to Nigeria. The movie gave the impression that Royal Hibiscus Hotel was in Lagos but a particular scene of Zainab gave another impression that the hotel wasn’t in lagos, Charles Inojie and Akah Nnani brought humor to the movie. The short appearances from some character didn’t deliver as expected

8. Gift Collins
Only in Romantic Novels or Fantasies do storyline/love story like this exist, some of the characters weren’t given enough scenes their creative ingenuity. The cinematography, choice of song, picture and sound were excellent. Zainab Balogun played the character of Ope so well

9. Diary of a 9ja girl

The love story from the movie is unrealistic, Rachael Oniga and Jide Kosoko brought humour which was good for the movie. The review feels that the script was rushed and not properly thought through.

10. Fab.Ng
The Production quality of the movie is top notched. Cinematography and Audio were cool, the cameo appearance of Olu Jacobs and Ajoke Silva explained the aspect of a long lasting relationship
It is clear that the Royal Hibiscus Hotel sent messages to many, for some, they feel some of the characters should have been given more scenes, while others think the acting in itself is superb; a few are of the opinion that the production was impeccable, above all, the movie struck a chord in the hearts of Nigerians. The Royal Hibiscus Hotel has everything a Hollywood romantic fantasy is known for. But who’s to say that we can’t have such wonderful true-life tales here in Africa? Is it impossible, what do you think? We want to hear your take on this, share in the comment section. Let the conversation begin

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