Review: Mtv Shuga Season 6 – Episode 3

Mtv Shuga Season 6 Episode 3

Diana give her girls all the wrong ideas about sex and Hadiza interrupts her by correcting those notions which almost leads to a fight but they are interrupted by the teacher. Diana is out to keep Chike at all cost and get whatever she can get from their relationship. She is planning to introduce her friends to the big boys and instead, she gets a shocker when she sends a picture of her girls and Chike starts asking about Hadiza who is caught in the background of the picture.

Ebisinde gets into a fight in school because someone called his sister a prostitute and he fights to defend her honor. He also tries to get talking with Diana after overhearing a conversation with her and her boyfriend that didn’t seem pleasant but she blows him off.

Mtv Shuga Season 6 Episode 3

Princess and Leila’s brother seem to be hitting it off and getting cozy, well, who knows how that is going to go? Leila, on the other hand, has finally gotten what she had been fighting for, Tobi introduced her as his girlfriend and they are both in a very good mood. They want to hook up but Tobi realizes he has no condom and Leila refuses to have sex with him without protection and they have to go get some and she bumps into Weki at the pharmacy. We really didn’t see that one coming. Can wait to see what happens next week.

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