The need of Animation in the Nollywood Industry

As the Nollywood Industry gets better and improves as the time goes by, an area which is still yet to be tapped into is the use of animations in Nigerian movies. Many Animation studios in Nigeria mostly produce their visuals mostly for commercial purposes but in Lagos, Komotion Studio is one studio which is producing 2D and 3D animation characters purely for Entertainment and Education.

Komotion Studio has produced a 3D animation movie called ‘’Dawn of thunder’’, the animation is a short film created as a proof of concept for a web series and/or feature-length movie. Sango is a popular god of thunder from Oyo State in Nigeria with his signature thunderbolt axe that causes lightning and disruption when used by him.

Dawn of thunder has been shown in film festivals both in Nigeria and Abroad and it is receiving positive reviews, It is important to note that the animation industry is one of the areas the Nollywood Industry needs to tap into in the production of animation movies. With the growing demand for high definition visuals, special effects and animation might be what the Nollywood Industry needs to enhance its viewer’s experience

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