Challenges i faced while growing Up – Daniel .K. Daniel

Aside Banky W, Nollywood Actor Daniel .K. Daniel was among the celebrities who tied the knot towards the end of 2017, In this interview, Daniel Talks about how he started his acting career and how he met his lovely wife Teena, who he married in December 2017


Excerpts from the interview…..

What inspired your acting career?

There was no initial inspiration to be honest, I never grew up wanting to be an actor, performer or Entertainer. When I was much younger, in secondary school, my father used to let Film production Teams/Crew use our houses in Enugu and Port-harcourt to film. So, I guess if I had any interest, I would have started at that age.

I will say acting for me happened by chance. In 2010, I was discovered by Director Kabat Esosa Egbon, when I went to drop off my friend Eunice Steiner Opara at an audition. He practically forced me to read for a role, saying I had the looks he wanted for one of his characters. The rest is history. The job was produced by Joy June Christopher.

Who would you say actually inspired your acting career?

No one really, I didn’t choose acting, acting chose me.When I was much younger I loved to read novels and books a lot. So the meager thought that I could bring characters like the ones in my novels to life fascinated me and that was my first driving factor.

What were the challenges so far in the cause of growing your career?

A whole lot of challenges, it has been very far from smooth ride, with many ups and downs. Very Challenging at the beginning because I had to work extra hard to prove myself worthy, late nights, early mornings, low pay or no pay at all sometimes.

As a good looking actor there would be lots of female admirers who wish to mingle with you. How do you handle your female admirers?

I appreciate and respect my female fans and admirers. As a public figure, my fans are one of my biggest assets, because the fan love converts to clamour and demand for me, which converts to more jobs which in turn converts to more money and success. I love my Fans.

Now that you are married, will it change anything about the roles you play?

Not really. I am a professional actor, and that will not change.

Have you ever been harassed by any female fan and how?

Yes I have had a few, funny enough. I remember some girls jumped on me at the airport in London sometime last year.

How did you meet your wife and what attracted you to her?

No answer. That’s private.

Who do you look up to in the movie industry both national and international?

Ramsey Nouah and Will Smith

Whats your view about celebrity marriage breakups?

There are broken marriages everywhere, just like there are deaths everywhere, everyday but anything that has a celebrity tag on it is always news. Celebrity public figures are human too, only difference is everything celebrities do are in the eyes of the public.

Does acting really pay your bills and how?

Film Business is a very lucrative business, check the statistics. In answer to your question, Yes, it does pay my bills.

Why is it that the females in the industry tend to be more successful than males?

I am not totally sure I agree with that. Success in the industry has nothing to do with gender. You work hard and smart and with grace on your side, you move on up.

What are your biggest fears as an actor ?

That one day we would all wake up and all this would be a dream. Just joking. But I haven’t really thought of this but I would say the fear of not living up to my full potential maybe.

What was the turning point in your career?

I would say winning the Awards for “Best Actor in Africa”, twice, in 2016.

You are seen as one of the hunkiest males in Nollywood, what’s like being a movie hunk?

Am I ? I didn’t know that. I feel blessed. I always try to stay humble and get my job done.

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