Rating Sola Sobowale’s performance on Wives on strike the revolution

WIVES ON STRIKE 2 Movie Review (The Revolution)



By Morris Abdul Newton


Dir: Omoni Oboli

Starring: Omoni Oboli, Sola Sobowale, Uche Jombo, Kenneth Okonkwo, Chioma Akpotha, Odunlade Adekola, Toyin Abraham, Julius Agwu, Ufuoma Mcdermott, Elvina Ibru, ChiGurl, Emeka Okoye.

Duration: 100 mins


Due to the recent mixed feelings, Omoni Oboli’s movies have barraged us with, many will find it well within their rights to forgo this one and convince themselves that it will pretty much be same as the others. But is it?

The first installment of Wives on strike (I hope I’m not making them think of making many more with this installment talk) made many people laugh and “think.” This one tried to follow the same route with a little bit more money than its predecessor. Yeah, you have to invest in the productions as you ‘grow’ along and it’s pretty good to see that this is happening in this case, but then again, maybe it isn’t. (Watch Trailer for the movie)

Let’s dig in, shall we?

Truth is, despite the semblance of a story building up, this movie started like a train wreck. I begged the question I have constantly asked myself and anyone around me many times, “Why is Sola Sobowale always getting shouting/noisy roles?” It’s not fair. Or is this what she wants? At some point at the beginning of the movie, there was so, so much noise everywhere. I was even looking for ear-muffs at some points.

Somewhere, I think it was in the third scene or thereabout, the wives went to Madam 12:30’s restaurant to establish that Toyin Abraham’s character likes food  and buying things on credit INSTEAD of first giving us the scene where they sort out the kids they had previously taken from their father two scenes earlier. That didn’t feel right. I was looking for the writer, director, editor of the movie to ask how that felt right to them. It came across as a case of placing the cart before the horse.

Sola sobowale- wives on strike the revolution

Then there was this initial flash introduction of Shaka (Elvina Ibru) with the guy tied in the trunk and the grave digging which would have been fine if her full introduction was the scene that followed, but nah, it just wasn’t. That was quite misplaced for me. Now, it might be said that the flash scene happened because Shaka’s name was mentioned by the wives in their conversation but that itself is the reason the next scene should have been the wives meeting her.

I also felt the husbands, except Kalu Ikeagu’s character, were introduced too late. That reminds me, also found amongst the husbands was Odunlade Adekola who seems to have now become the new poster-boy for ‘the wife beater’ character in movies now. Is that not sad for the ‘naija comic dabbing’ king?

The acting was relatively bearable. Some of the actors didn’t do too well for me. I didn’t get the feel that Ufuoma McDermott’s character was Hausa. She did well with her meddlesomeness, but the character was never complete, language-wise. Toyin Abraham came correct with her hilarity and I guess it’s largely due to the fact that she played the role of one that didn’t have to speak English most of the time. Her funny, though overdone sometimes, came through.

These wives though. London? I don’t really know what they went to do there. Conference my foot! As far as I saw, it was merry go rides and ice cream that they went to enjoy. What?  With ‘fifteen’ montage shots of fun over one conference shot. Leave that thing.

I give Wives on strike- The Revolution good marks for attempting to tackle societal issues such as women in government, child marriage and domestic violence quite well and also in an entertaining way. It is quite interesting that all the men in this movie-world lived for sex alone. What a life.

Wives on strike movie review bonggis

Cinematography worked well. Sound was relatively good. Story was okay. This movie is generally better than most of Omoni Oboli’s past works. Maybe we have the Areja Market Women Association to thank for this.

I found that at certain points in the movie, when it went good, it struck a chord and when it went awry, it did same but with a little bit of prejudice.

Whatever the case, we don’t need a 3rd installment. The wives’ strikes are going out of fashion.

PS – I recommend Shaka’s dungeon for all these men that beat their wives.



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