Did Rita Dominic meet up to expectations in movie THE BLINDSPOT??

The Blindspot


Fresh, Unpredictable and Lots More

When I heard about this movie, featuring stars like Femi Jacobs and Rita Dominic, I won’t lie, I was really excited to see it and I had really high expectations. After seeing the movie, however, were my expectations met? Hmmmmmm, well let’s dig deeper.

The blindspot tells a story of a newly married couple who experience some difficulty immediately after marriage when it turns out the man is unable to perform his marital duties to his virgin wife. This leads to a lot of drama and back and forth movements, trips to the doctor, temptations in the office, visits to spiritualists, you name it. The movie is directed by Igunwe Alfred Otaniyuwa, features Rita Dominic, Femi Jacobs, Racheal Oniga, Etinosa Idemudia, Patience Yisa, among others. ( Watch trailer for the movie)

the blindspot -rita dominic

Technically, Ayo is the king of the playboys and he remains a playboy up to a few days to his wedding to the beautiful and virtuous Ekemini who keeps herself chaste until the day they get married. Eventually, the time has come for them to enjoy the pleasures of marriage and they can’t and this seems to bring out the worst in them to the very end.

First of all, the opening montage was totally irrelevant because it reduced the unpredictability of the movie. Many of the scenes were totally long, dull and boring. The entire movie could have done with a lot more energy. The storyline was not great but it was cool to the end bits where they decided to introduce the fallen angel, whose acting and carriage was so flat that I could barely pay attention to what he was saying, his grammar could also have been better.

Apart from the two lead actors Racheal Oniga, Rita and Femi, I felt like the other actors didn’t know they were acting, their characters were too flat and unbelievable. Femi’s voice also killed the romance in a lot of scenes and helped slow down the pace of the movie. All other actors seemed to be reading their lines, sure their roles we sub-leads but they could have put in a lot more work to make their acting believable and interesting, even if they had just one line to say.

Femi Jacobs-the blindspot

The strip scene where people seemed to be strippers who kept their clothes on, lacked everything!!! Common! There was no chemistry or passion in that scene, it was just flat. Etinosa who should have been the hottest stripper there to completely captivate Ayo, gave a very poor performance, and I mean very poor stripper performance, you call that a lap dance? Well, that was one of the driest scenes and there were a lot of them.

They use limited sets so that worked well for them, the house was lovey and the had a lot of space to play with. The sound, however, was not so great and it fluctuated a lot but it was still bearable.

The resolution of this movie, however, was just not it, it was flat, dragged and could have made this movie great but it did the exact opposite. Then the last bit about the man in suit roaming even had a typographical error.

Honestly, the movie would have been amazing with a lot of changes but we got what we got, so…


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