Deceiving Movie Trailers

I love to watch movies, sometimes I just want to have a feel of the ambiance in the cinemas, so I treat myself to a fantastic film and I feel well relaxed. What interests me first is the trailer for a movie. If the trailer succeeds in pricking my curiosity and arousing the thirst and hunger to defy any odds to go watch it, then that movie must be the bomb. Sadly, it’s not always the case. (Read our movie reviews

Have you ever seen a well-packaged trailer, so much so that you can’t wait to buy tickets to go see the film, only to be utterly disappointed by the full content of the movie? Indeed, I dare say that some trailers are far better than actual movies. I have received many a heartbreak in such instances; after seeing the trailer with much expectations and I get excited at the thought of watching a one hour plus content of pure and unadulterated entertainment, then I get robbed off that joy and feeling. It really hurts.

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The most annoying part is that some people don’t even know the difference, they have this “it’s okay” attitude to such things. They say it because they feel they can’t get anything less out of Nollywood like it’s normal for producers, directors, actors and industry professionals to come out with flicks that are less than perfect, so they see no reason to either criticize nor applaud the efforts of these guys. Truth is, it’s not just a Nollywood thing, it happens even in Hollywood and Bollywood combined.


Another angle to look at it is the aspect of Relativity. What I call awful scripting, acting or directing might just be perfect for another. People see what they want to see in a movie and they judge the success or failure of a movie based on individual parameters. So, I can boldly say the trailer is great and the movie is whack, based on my own sentiments, it might be the other way around. Others might see the trailer and conclude that the film is not up to their taste but given the opportunity to watch the movie, might find it extremely interesting. It’s all about perception some will say.

After considering some factors, I’ll use the popular saying- One man’s meat is another’s-             well you know the rest. Having said that, I believe that some of you have stories to tell about how a trailer deceived you into watching the movie and it turned out so wrong, well, we’d love to hear it. Tell us the movie(s) that broke your heart, lets gist.

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