Couple’s award had a good beginning but didnt end well


DIRECTOR: Kehinde Olorunyomi
PRODUCER: Kehinde Olorunyomi and Adewummi Odukoya
WRITER: Kehinde Odukoya and Kehinde Olorunyomi
YEAR: 2017
DURATION: 1 hour 20 Minutes
GENRE: Drama



Can we have real drama and suspense in a marriage on film? Couple’s award makes an attempt at this and fails in a number of ways. As per my usual way, let’s get the issues out of the way sharp sharp! For starters, once again continuity is a pain here. Where do I start from? We have a couple who go for an insemination and we do not even know about it. What we have is Kehinde Olorunyomi smiling in the hospital and making us think she has good news about a pregnancy, only to find out in another scene that they went for an insemination. (Watch Trailer of the movie)


This is when we were basically told she needed the semen for a test in the first place. The jump from one point to the other was not well compensated for or explained! Even the whole sample thing was odd. I mean why is he doing that in the home instead of at the hospital/fertility clinic and who uses their hands to hold that container in the first place? Oh sure she is his wife but still, that is not realistic at all. Not to me anyway. I would also like to know why he is shouting in the toilet while doing it. Who does that?
Kate Henshaw was quite the mother-in-law and I loved her every performance. The part where she had complaints about her son’s sexual position had me howling with laughter. The sad part is suddenly she was gone from the movie. It was as if the scriptwriter was annoyed with her and decided to write her off or something. It made no sense to not see or hear from her anymore and for a cast this small, one would have expected more.



Gbenro Ajibade is meant to be a married man but I do not see how married men who are lawyers would have the kind of hairstyle he did. Maybe I am overthinking this. Maybe not. Also, from nowhere we see him suddenly smoking. From the start of the film to this point, there has been no indication that he is a smoker or used to be one. So to suddenly see him smoke a cigarette is quite odd. One could argue that it is a result of the fight and stress but if that is the case, how come he has not had any we could see up to that point and why are there chairs and tables in the compound? It is not a roadside bar or his front porch (do Nigerian homes even have porches?) so how does that fit in?



This movie did not end as well as I would have expected. Having succeeded in taking the audience to a point where they look forward to seeing what happens next and how the story ends, this was quite the letdown. Also, the music for this movie was a poor choice from start to finish. It actually made the experience at the theatre very difficult to enjoy.
Now, for the good bits. The acting in this movie was not always the best but I believe for the most part it was done quite well. As I said, I loved Kate Henshaw but that was not all. Regina Chukwu was the star of this show for me. She played her role quite well and I was able to see, feel and enjoy the emotion she put into it. Another shining light for me was frankincense eche-ben. He was able to interpret his role as the longing husband, happy father, then angry and hateful man so well. Kehinde Olorunyomi also had her good moments in this film and gave a decent performance overall. This movie, in my opinion, gives a better view of Gbenro Ajibade’s acting and he did well in a lot of scenes.


Couple's award


This movie has a good number of lessons for the audience. We are told about contentment, being considerate of your spouses’ feelings and needs, respect for oneself and others, being kind and of course, understanding that no one has it all perfect, and life has a way of bringing things your way that you do not expect. It passes all these messages across fairly decently. There is also the message about locking the door when you and your spouse want to get busy, just in case your parents or theirs are in the house with you. You never know when someone like Kate Henshaw can decide to walk right in!



Couple’s award basically started off good, became a bit odd, began to pick up and make so much sense and then suddenly went for a nose dive into an ending that was probably meant to inspire deep thought and perhaps even joy, but sadly failed in that attempt.
I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

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