”I am human and liable to make mistakes”, Rahama Sadau Pleads to be readmitted into Kannywood

Kaduna born Actress Rahama Sadau was banned from the Hausa film industry (Kannywood), by the Motion Picture Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MOPPAN)  on Sunday, 2 October 2016 due to an “offensive hug” in her appearance in a Hausa music video alongside a Jos based popular pop star ClassiQ. MOPPAN is a coalition of associations that set rules and regulations governing the conduct of film production as well as practitioners in Northern Nigeria.


Rahama Sadau


Rahama Sadau has now written a letter to MOPPAN to apologize for her “misdemeanor” and plead that she be readmitted into Kannywood.


According to Premium Times, the actress wrote:


I am human and liable to make mistakes and as a daughter who stands to be corrected. I wish to plead and ask my colleagues, the executive member of all guilds, the entire people of the north and audience at large to forgive me”.

The body said they will meet on Friday to decide whether to accept or reject her apology, a spokesperson for the body said:

We are going to hold a meeting to discuss on the content of the letter and come out with a definite stand. It is not going to be automatic at all.

She told the media that she was not served the letter of suspension and she was not suspended. She also made a lot of comments that are not supposed to come from her.



Despite the seeming rise of Rahama Sadau’s career in the year that followed the ban, the actress has finally apologized.












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