Movie Title- Diamond Ring 2

Genre- Drama

Produced by– Tade Ogidan

Directed by- Tade Ogidan

Written by– Tade Ogidan

Cast- Richard Mofe Damijo

Liz Benson

Buki Ajayi

Sola Sobowale



Tade Ogidan is an award-winning filmmaker, he makes it a duty to churn out quality movies and spares no expense in that regard. Little wonder his 1998 effort, Diamond Ring continues to make news as one of the great classics. The part one was a good watch but the sequel is even better. I saw it again recently and couldn’t wait to share it with you guys.

The movie opened with chief Dike searching for the address of the construction company of the white man Chidi sold the ring to. Remember the spirit lady (Liz Benson) gave them seven days to retrieve the ring and return to her. It was not an easy task for the Igbo chief, after managing to get the address, he was told that the man had returned to his country- England. So without delay, he traveled to London in search of the man. With the help of his relation, he was able to locate the man who at that time had given the ring to his ex-girlfriend now married to another man who hates him. (Pretty dicey right?)




After a lot of pleading and persuasion, he agreed to take them to the house of the lady but warned them that things might get ugly because the lady’s husband hates his guts. Things did get quite ugly because the lady’s husband got back and turned the place into a boxing ring. Hitting, punching and kicking these strange men he found in his apartment; but the good news was that they were able to retrieve the ring. Chief departed for Nigeria with only a day left.

On his arrival to Nigeria he was detained by customs, apparently, he didn’t declare the ring and when he did they said it was contraband and seized it together with his passport. Chief was devasted as well as angry. He wanted to pull the whole place down, however, the situation was brought under control by the superior officer. After explaining his predicament to her she empathized with him and ordered that the ring and passport be returned to him. The officers discovered that the ring was stolen by one of the cleaners, they caught her in time and she produced the ring. It would appear that everything in the universe was working against the chief, from one obstacle to another in the course of getting the diamond ring back. After all the many hurdles, he was able to get the ring back in time, he thought all was over- little did he know that he would have to go through another difficult task within twenty-four hours.

The spirit appeared again and told them to go get her stolen coffin in Ado Ekiti and get her adopted children to attend the burial again with the ring on her finger. All these wouldn’t have been possible if not for the help of their clairvoyant aunt who assisted chief. All in all, they were able to accomplish the unthinkable and Chidi was restored to normalcy.



Diamond Ring 2 was just awesome, suspense-filled with a lot of twists and turns. You never know what’s going to happen next. The night scenes (which was much) was fantastic- real and believable. Locations were properly picked, the three elders’ statue signifying the entrance to Lagos brought nostalgic feelings. The last hospital scene where they whisked Chidi away was intense and extremely dramatic. I loved it the acting displayed by Richard Mofe Damijo. Simply spectacular. Tunji Bamishigbin displayed his amazing acting process, really enjoyed all his scenes.

I still have a problem with the make-up of the ghost though. It was shabbily done and it didn’t elicit the needed effect it was supposed to. And that part where Chidi was between the land of the living and the dead, friends calling him to come over while his parents pleaded with him to stay with them. I think that was overplayed.


The movie is truly a classic, I bet you’ll find every bit interesting all over again once you decide to go see it. For me, judging by the standards at that time in Nigerian Film production, Diamond Ring was and still is a great movie.
























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