Retro: What do you think of the new ”MY FLATMATES” sitcom

I remember watching Flatmates in the early 2000s, produced by Kayode Peters. It was one of the most watched and celebrated sitcom in the country. It starred Bright Okpocha (basket mouth), Steve Onu (Yaw) Kayode Peters himself and other good actors. Unfortunately, the show didn’t last long as it ran a couple of episodes before it went underground. Fast forward a few years later, the comedy that was a favourite among youths has made a comeback, Kayode Peters alongside Bright Okpocha (Basket Mouth) made a daring move to revive the show.



The rebranded show, now known as My Flatmates, is directed by talented actor, content producer and all-round thespian John Njamah. My Flatmates hit the TV screens early this year and it’s already a favourite in the industry. The hilarious comedy is centered around the lives of four friends who share a flat and their daily quest for a better life. This leads them to crazy and funny situations in which they scheme and plot their way out of. The show is packed with celebrity comedians such as Buchi, Okey Bakassi, Frank Donga, Steve Onu (Yaw), it also has other comic acts like from Woli Arole, MC Pasun and many more. Celebrity model and actor- Emmanuel Ikubese is also part of the cast and the show also features cameo appearances from known faces in the entertainment industry.


My Flatmates airs on DStv’s Mnet Showcase, channel 151. Season 1 has more than a hundred and twenty episodes. Are you a fan of the sitcom? How many episodes have you seen and what are your thoughts on the show? Share your views lets gist.

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