The gift of the Tongue- the ‘english’ problem

I was seeing a movie the other day at the cinemas with some friends (a Nigerian super hyped film).  It was supposed to be one of those movies that blow your mind to smithereens with awesome and quality production. Yes, it met some industry standards- picture and sound were superb, the storyline was beautiful. But it failed in one significant and conspicuous area: delivery.


My friends know me to take note of some things, I’m the unofficial critic when it comes to delivery of lines in the English language. Can you imagine that most of the so called A-list actors can not construct a proper sentence with correct punctuations, pauses and use of common vocabularies? It’s appalling that our actors who we hold in high esteem sometimes make a mockery of the English language.


the 'english' problem


As a committed professional who is dedicated to your craft, it is your duty to cover all bases in your field. I was at broadcast school a couple of years ago to train for months on the art of speaking right. I needed to obtain the skill because I wanted to be awesome at what I do. In my class then were actors, broadcasters, teachers, public speakers and a host of others who came to better themselves in the speaking world. There we learned sentence construction, pronunciation, diction, enunciation and lots more. So as I sat there watching some of these actors, mispronounce words, use accents that you can’t even identify and not forgetting diction issues, I felt really sad for Nollywood.


There are questions to ask. How many actors know about line delivery? How many have received training in the spoken word- English? What are the steps taken in the industry to curb this disturbing trend? These are pertinent questions. Actors do not only represent themselves, but the country as well,  so why not sell yourself properly? I believe we should address this issue, it is not enough to be a good actor, you can be better.


the 'english' problem


I know some of you must have noticed this in movies you’ve seen at one time or the other.

What do you think is the solution? How can we help Nollywood grow in this area? Please share your experiences, suggestions and contributions. I’ll be in the comment section.


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