Elements of a Good Review

These are some of the criteria in our reviews.

Certain basic elements should be found in any good review. Not all may be applicable, but most should appear. They are:



  • Storyline – is it believable?

  • Screenplay – was the dialogue forced or was it believable?

  • Acting – which actors stand out and which don’t? was the over acting superb?

  • Special effects – are they realistic? Do they blow you away or are they mildly effective? Or distractingly unrealistic for the film?

  • Music – was it overpowering/distracting? Did it evoke emotion?

  • Editing – was the movie’s pace slow? Did it seem over-edited?

  • Plot- are they creative, suspenseful, and surprising plots?

  • Arresting Visuals/cinematography: please don’t confuse arresting visuals with special effects. We are referring to great cinematography. Does it define or enhance the cinematography the mood?

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